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Student and Graduate Opportunities

Penn Highlands Healthcare offers opportunities for individuals, college students, and graduate medical students who are looking to advance their everyday experience and gain valued skills in their profession. We are doing our part to make sure families today – and in the future – get the care they need. We are helping to train tomorrow’s medical staff through our programs.

Certified Clinical Medial Assistant

Penn Highlands Healthcare offers a 14-week Certified Clinical Medical Assistant program through Brockway Center for the Arts & Technology. This program is dedicated to ensuring that the students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for success. This accelerated program requires at least one year of working within a physician’s office to learn billing and other office processes. If an individual is unable to meet the requirement of one year in a physician’s office, Penn Highlands Healthcare offers the opportunity for individuals to work as a Patient Service Representative. This one year will allow the individual to receive the experience needed and to qualify for a future class.

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Summer Nurse Internship

The Summer Nurse Intern Program provides students with an opportunity to relate nursing theory to clinical practice. Our program is open to both sophomores and juniors and offers you the opportunity to work directly with a trained preceptor, 1-on-1! Our program is designed to aide our interns in developing time management skills, problem solving techniques, as well as gain experience and confidence in performing technical skills during a six week period.

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Medical Imaging - Radiography Program

Penn Highlands Healthcare and Mount Aloysius College has partnered together to design a radiography program for aspiring Radiologists. This program ensures that students are prepared to perform diagnostic radiologic examinations needed to begin their career as a radiologist. A unique, hands-on educational approach allows for an exceptional balance of liberal arts and technical coursework. With a small classroom environment, classes and clinicals are held within 45 minutes of DuBois, Pennsylvania.

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Surgical Technologist Program

Surgical Technologists are vital members of the surgical team. Mount Aloysius College and Penn Highlands Healthcare joined together to create an exceptional opportunity for aspiring surgical technologists. With this affiliation there is opportunity for education funding and employment with Penn Highlands Healthcare. This two-year program consists of online and in-person courses at PH DuBois.

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Student Rotations

Penn Highlands Healthcare offers opportunities for visiting students and residents to rotate through our various clinical departments. During rotations, students work closely beside our trained medical staff. Rotations are available for:

  • Pharmacy/Pharmacy Tech students
  • Phlebotomy students
  • Nutrition students
  • Imaging students
  • Nursing students
  • Physician Assistant students
  • Nurse Practitioner students
  • Anesthesia students
  • Physical Therapy students
  • Occupational Therapy students
  • Speech Language Pathology students

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Return to Work Residency

Are you a nurse who has been out of the field but have been thinking about returning? Do you know of a family member or friend who took time off from being a nurse, but would like to go back to work? Penn Highlands Healthcare is now offering a Return to Work Residency to assist bringing nurses back into the workforce.


Family Medicine Residency

On a daily basis, the families living throughout our Central Pennsylvania communities rely on the care of family medicine physicians. This medical residency program offers opportunities for rotations and one-on-one time with attending physicians. It helps family medicine residents get the inpatient and outpatient training they need to prepare to meet the demands of rural health care.

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Psychiatry Residency

Here at Penn Highlands our Psychiatry Residency Program offers a one-to-one experience with the attending physician. We offer specialized inpatient and outpatient programs for children and adolescents, adults and for the geriatric population. We see patients from a diverse population with varied diagnoses. Our Psychiatry Residents Program is supported by Lecom and we are ACGME accredited and HRS approved. You will also have the unique opportunity to influence the building of a new program.

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